1999 Honda Accord V6 shifter prooblems (ECU, throttle body possibly)

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Car is having problems knowing what gear it is in and that is preventing it from starting, has been re assembled by me

This was my first car, it was a 1000 dollar dealershsip steal that had 200k miles, drove perfect shifted perfect had cold AC had power windows sunroof etc whole nine yards i couldnt believe it. After owning the car for about a month and getting new tires for it, i took it off the side of the road into a ditch that tore my bumper off, cracked my radiator, broke my exhaust fans. I made it home into my driveway before she overheated, towed her to the shop and they replaced fans and radiator and the car would not leave the lot it had back pressure that kept blowing the radiator hose off. I am thinking it was because dealership did not flush my system and i had put stop leak in my old radiator to try to make it home. The dealership told me they thought it was a head gasket, and drew me up a 1300 ticket. I towed my car home with a new radiator and exhaust fans and bought a new head gasket for 35 dollars. I got the front valve covers off and got the front valve heads exposed before one of my friends reminded me that even with a blown head gasket, my car should start but it should just overheat extremely fast. Since i was in an impact and i overheated it could be as simple as a froze thermostat and a bubble that didnt get worked out. I popped my thermostat off because the top half of my engine was off essentially and sure enough it was froze. I replaced the thermostat and threw the motor back together to the best of my abilities. When i put the key into ignition the shifter reads it is in park as it is but also that it is in "D4" and wont turn over. I know my ecu on top of my intake had 2 cables i thought i hooked up to what i believe is throttle body adjustment and cruise control, and i believe my shifter cable is under my driverside part of bottom of half of the vehicle, which is the side that impacted the ditch and blew the tire out. I am going to get home from work and use the manual override in the shifter and use a screwdriver to put her into neutral and she if she will start rigged up like that. if she starts up i believe it means it was my thermostat and i just need to reattach my cables to get my shifter to read properly, but could it be as simple as me not having my ecu plugged in or as simple as my shifter cable isnt tensioned properly because it could have been hit on the side with the transmission? I am fairly convinced it was just my thermostat since i saw it was froze, and i am just trying to get her put back together to her previous glory with an aftermarket bumper but my only resources are what i can find online and the little that the parts shops guys can help me. If you would like any pictures or if i have jumbled any terms up please feel free to at least reach out. you can reach me at my email brad.heizer97@gmail.com

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once cars get hit, all bets are off. Personally, i don't even work on wrecked cars because of that. Too much wiring or sensors or computer modules can be damaged. BUT , you can try rewiring and bypassing whatever you want to work with switches and new wires, that's easy

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