1998 Toyota RAV4 5-speed 2.0-L. 3F-SE engine 2WD 204,000-mi.

Got stranded today. Jarring experience! Drove RAV4 fine. Parked. Returned 20-min. later. She started up fine, then stalled out 2-sec. later. Then, for next 30-min.: "Cranks-but-no-Start" (cranking sounds "normal"). All dash lights "ON". No CEL. No fuel-smells anywhere.

After 30-min.: Starts right up! Didn't touch anything! Drove straight to AutoZone, kept engine running. Alternator Load Test: "PASSED." Didn't run battery Load Test b/c engine must be "OFF" (couldn't risk getting stranded).

When I got home, after running errands (left engine running entire 2-hrs.), turned off engine. For good measure, tried to start her again-- she fired up first time like nothing had happened.

24AUG2018: Changed FUEL FILTER OEM Toyota. Old filter was clean. 12DEC2015: Installed 4-new OEM Denso double platinum plugs/wires at 188,105-mi.

Bought Starting Fluid while at A/Z & rented Fuel Pressure Test Kit. I've re-watched Scotty video(s) "Crank But No Start."

Before driving myself cuckoo throwing parts at it (Toyota OEM Fuel Pump $394.47!) & trying to find/test Fuses, Relays, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Pump, what do you "THINK" it is-- gut intuition? Thank you for all you do for me DIY $aving!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


fuel pump is most probable, as it sets not codes. But I'd wait until it did it again and pressure test pump then