1998 Maxima BCM \ Wire Harness Question


Hi Scotty, I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima with 250k miles on it. I've done much of the work on it 100K miles and have done my best to keep it running as smoothly as possible. While the 4th Gen engine is great, the electronics are a bit troubled. At some point I believe the BCM or the wire harness began to fail - indicated by inability to start directly from key without a starter bypass (to spin the starter motor) and the inability to operate the windows. Oddly, most other features (with the exception of rear defrost and trunk popper) work just fine. I took it to the dreaded dealership after I ran out of ideas and they pointed to the wire harness as a defect that is basically a non-fixable item. What is not clear was whether swapping the BCM might help, considering other BCM related features do work such as door locks and occastional lamps. I did attempt to get into the manual BCM check using the indicator lights but it never seemed to activate (interior indicator lamps did not flash). Do I go with the dealership suggestion of wire harness OR attempt to disassemble and access BCM which seems to be hidden on top of ECU, under the radio, but requiring removal of entire dash to access the bolts? Aside from this issue, car runs well for 250K miles with minimal service requirements. What would you do? Unfortunately, I do not have access to Consult (might be too expensive to purchase given we only have one Nissan).