1996 Toyota Camry XlE v6 215kmiles
Recently bought it from estate sale\auction ($890). Due to Covid couldn’t look at it person.
Car sat for almost a year. 1 car owner.
We have done valve covers, spark plugs, coils,timing belt, and other belts, water pump, tensioner, pcv valve etc

Ok 1st question—
Found out it had conventional Valvoline oil.
Do I stay with that oil?
Should I use conventional high mileage oil
I saw you have said not to switch older cars with higher miles to synthetic oil.

The oil was dirty smelt weird prob due to sitting for so long. So I have conventional high mileage oil in it now. Was gonna do another oil change Less than 1000 miles to help clean it more.

Did I mess something up by using the higher mileage kind? I know to stay with correct weight...just curious if conventional normal oil or high mileage oil

2nd question
Tried installing pioneer CD player...and we got direct plug in (which was hard to find) and plugged it in and it lights up, antenna raises. But no sound..any suggestions on that

3rd question
Ok air turns on but the direction of air flow won’t change
From my understanding it has a damper servo that controls that by the drivers side. Is that the correct part to fix that? If so, how do you replace the part?

Ok thanks Scotty love all your videos