1996 Safari P0300 SES flashing

Started missing and SES light flashing.

Started missing and SES light flashing. When plug wires are removed from #1 & #5 there is no change in running. There is good fire to plugs.
What I've done thus far:
Checked for vacuum leaks none found,plugs, wires. CPI "spider" and distributor replaced. Compression check #1 150 #3 170 #5 180 with all plugs removed. Fuel PSI jumps to 62 when ignition is turned on and maintains at 50PSI while running. None of this has corrected the problem. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

engine is definitely worn, 150 to 180 is too big a gap. but I would check fuel injectors on 1 and 5 to see if they are not working right or leaking fuel