1995Ford Explorer transmission installed now brakes have a problem.


     Hi Scotty, Long time fan/viewer this is my first question. I believe it was a year ago I bought a used 1995 Ford Explorer sport v6 4L not 4x4 two door nice beat up truck. I desperately needed a vehicle for work and trusted the man so I bought it and it paid off.
 I learned to drive a Manual transmission in this truck which lead to me needing a used transmission and clutch. Immediately as I tried to drive off the mechanics lot the truck stalled I knew something was up when I had to manually pull the brake up with my toes as I realsed to clutch to not stall the trucked. A few lights before arriving to my apartment I noticed that the clutch nor the transmission were the problem but that for some reason the brake was getting stuck every time I fully pressed it down. Even the brake lights would stay on if I pushed the pedal all the way down and didn’t pick it back up. I have no clue what this can be please help me either fix it myself once my work season is over or help me not get ripped off I am a college student/ young father (22) 
    Since I have been to busy to take it back I have been growing the fear that they will try to blame this on me or try to create some other problem what do you think it can be? I have been thinking of bleeding the brakes next time I change the oil I have never done this and think it hasn’t been done to it either not sure if this is what it needs. What is your opinion or thought. 

(Shorter words the brake is fir when doing down and it stays down it is not loose rather firm and stuck when fully pressed really tricky to drive this truck will be done with my work season in about a week and will be starting school im thinking of taking my truck back to the mechanic explaining myself and seeing what they say hopefully they dont charge to look at it since they already did. Please help Scotty sorry for the long message. Thank you for your progressive awesome videos you are always very helpful not like other assholes!