1995 Lexus SC300

While slowing down at a stop sign I noticed the car was not stopping. I would slow down way before the stop and then it would take a harder and harder press on the pedal to stop but it still would not stop completely. Then when I had to make a sudden stop it went right through the stop sign. It scared me to death. I rolled to a stop and called the tow truck to take it home.

I replaced all the pad. I did a power flush and then a power bleed. I tested for leaks using a pressure teste up to 12 pounds and no leaks whatsoever.

However when I was going down the driveway it still would NOT stop!!! There is no leak. Everything is new, but no matter how hard I press the brake pedal, it won't stop!

Please help!!!

classic sign of a worn out brake boster, check that first

Thank you!