1994 lhs crank with intermittent no start. I believe I have checked everything? Replaced front engine seal was leaking, timing belt, the valve covers were leaking, replaced. The car started fine. This intermittent start started months ago only spuraticly ? Then it got to maybe on the 9th start.Now, I have to cycle the key a few times.
Things I have done

  1. Checked battery for 12 volts........new battery
  2. Checked for voltage at cam sensor, crankshaft sensor, signals at both
  3. All fuses and relays. all are good.
  4. Checked signal at coil
  5. While doing valve gaskets I did the spark plugs and wires
    6.Checked all wiring, took off the plastic coils, looked for anything found nothing.
  6. Checked all wiring in harness that left the PCM to the sensors, coil, IAC, TPS, MAP
  7. Checked all vacuum hoses, replaced the EVAP lines.
  8. I took the PCM 60 wire harness off to look at the pins.
    Once I even hooked up a Snap On MT2500 with updated cartridge . If I put in the correct vin I got no communication with PCM.
    If I put in enough vin numbers close to a 1994 it will read it. And the commands work from the MT 2500.
    Q........What do you think I should do now?
    Q.....Do you think that because the MT2500 can't communicate with the correct vin that the PCM is going bad?
    The MT2500 see the 1994 as a 1993 but the vin is off.
    At wits in..................
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yes, pcms go bad a lot at that age on that model.