1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmax MV Fluid or ATF+4


Bought this old jeep in the spring with 178000 miles. After getting the engine repaired and after test drive noticed the transmission fluid was very burnt and a half quart low. Decided to drain and refill. The filter was clogged and the bottom had a pile of clutch dust. Replaced filter. The OEM calls for ATF +3 only issue is the Castrol Tranasmax Multi Vehicle was available otherwise I had to order it in and since every thing was starting to be locked down I went with the Transmax MV. Also added half quart Lucas anti slip.

No problems during the test drive. After 500 miles still no issues. When the jeep sits for a few days there is a whirring sound only when shifted into reverse gear. After the transmission is warmed up the whirring sound does not occur any more when shifted into reverse. There is a TSB for a valve internal to the transmission that might be fixed using ATF+4. Most just start backing up into the driveway.

I cannot think of any reason to drain out the Castrol Transmax Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle ATF plus Lucas antislip additive and to replace that with some ATF +4. Maybe after I put on some more mileage.
What do you think?

Thanks for the advice.

Great work you are doing! Thanks.