Hi Scotty,

I've haven't been a long time viewer, but have binged about 1/2 of your Youtube content in the past few months podcast-style on my headphones at work.

I have a 1994 Honda Passport EX 3.2L V6 (228K on motor and auto transmission) and have tried everything I can think of myself before taking it to the shop for a professional diagnosis.
The main issues it has been having since buying a few months ago are...

  1. The idle jumping 100rpm for a split second, then returning to normal 800rpm it
    should be at a couple times per minute/
  2. There is a noticeable lack of power when accelerating up to highway speed. (Takes more or less 8-9 seconds to go from 35 - 60 mph.

So far I have done a complete tune-up save for new coils, new valve cover gasket and all intake manifold gaskets, new IAC valve, cleaned EGR valve and all electrical connections and sensors relating to ignition/intake, and a new fuel filter.

Best of all, no codes thrown on the ODB1 test, getting the 12 all clear code.

I hope with all my might that you may have insight as to what I may be missing. Any help is greatly appreciated

P.S. I've searched every scrapyard in OR looking for a reference vehicle, but I still can't find reliable information saying if my car is supposed to have a MAF sensor, the '95 Rodeo has one so am I just clueless?


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I'll give it a shot, thank you partner! 😁

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Since there are no code often that is the sign of a weak fuel pop try a new one your computer does not know what fuel pressure is so it can't trip a fuel pressure code if it goes bad