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I have a 1993 Toyota Celica with a 2.2L 4cyl with 208k miles that I use as a winter beater in salty Wisconsin.

Today it was 40f and I put some stuff to stop a coolant leak in the radiator and let it idle. I was in the house, keeping an eye on it every minute-2 minutes.

It started overheating because the plastic radiator split wide open on the top from the pressure. It could have been overheating for up to 2 minutes. I shut it off and haven't turned it back on. How can I tell if I caused damage to the engine?

Thank you :)

Edit: After letting it cool off and I put some coolant in it I started it back up. It didn't want to start at first but it started. I hear no knocking but it feels like was idling a little low or maybe I thought it was because I'm a little scared of what damaged it could have caused. My tachometer doesn't work so I can't tell what RPM is at. It didn't stall when I put it in gear. I shut it off after that.

Edit 2: Picture of crack

Edit 3: video of the engine running.