Hello Scotty, I got a 1992 Honda Civic DX Automatic 270,000 miles and 3 years ago I replaced every major component of the AC system in order to finally get it to blow cold as it had no working AC when I originally bought it 5 years ago. Recently starting (just this Spring) now that it has gotten warmer here in Georgia it has been not blowing as cold as it used to so I first tried adding some AC Pro to it thinking it was maybe a little low on refrigerant which did not help as the gauge was not showing that my car was filling up with refrigerant. I took it to a local mechanic and had him vacuum out the system and recharge it with his machine and it seemed to blow cold again. But, just today my AC was working when I left my house to go to a gas station and then once I pulled up to the gas station pump it seemed to longer blow cold and was blowing warmer, so at idle it was not performing correctly and on top of that there is a loud noise on the passenger side of the car when the AC is on. The compressor does kick on and I can see the clutch engaged, but after being at idle and then driving home it was just not blowing cold anymore. It seems to usually work fine at lower outside temperatures, but when it is 80 or higher (86 today when it stopped working) it just isn't blowing cold like it did when I originally replaced the system. What do you think could be the problem? Thanks for all you do!