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1992 chevrolet c2500 issues

1992 Chevrolet c2500 5.7 350 v8

Hi scotty, I need your help please on a 1992 Chevrolet c2500 5.7 350 v8. One issue I have is that the truck high idles when I start it and when I put it in either drive or reverse the rpm drops and the engine wants to shut off and I have to press on the throttle as soon as I put it in gear or else the truck will shut off and it takes a few tries to start it back up. I also noticed that the truck has lost power because I used to burn tire on that truck and now it doesn't. Another issue I have is that too much smoke comes out of the exhaust and I noticed that I have poor fuel mileage because the gasoline drains fast. I think it could be the MAP sensor that is causing the first issue and the oxygen sensor that is causing the other issue but I am not sure.

ore often it's worn out fuel injectors that do that. Of course tune it up, but if not that, replace the injectors

Hi Scotty and El de la Cheyenne, I have a 1990 GMC Sierra C1500. My truck has been doing the same thing

thank you for your help. i gave mine a tune up, a new fuel filter,cleaned the tbi, and cleaned the iac and it ran better for a week now its back to doing the same thing yours was so i'm going to change my injectors.. but now i've noticed that its leaking oil from the oil pressure cooler lines and the oil gauge goes to 30 while driving and drops as i come to a stop but the temp gauge doesnt show the truck is warming up at all, any thoughts??