1986 BMW 325es - No Spark/No Fuel - Electrical Issue?

1000$ Project Car - Cranks but No Spark/No Fuel! HELP!

Okay guys so I bought this project car for 1000$. Long story short my brother and I have been wrenching on it trying to get damn thing to start. The car cranks and wants to fire but we have noticed that there is no power to the ignition coil which is causing it not to spark and the fuel pump when the battery is on doesn't prime. We know the fuel pump is working on its own because we took it out and hooked it up / tested it manually. We believe this is an electrical issue and have narrowed it down, people have mentioned it may be the crankshaft position sensors. I have purchased all new spark plugs, brand new ignition coil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, full oil change, all new fuses, and replaced the ecu relay. We tested the fuel pump relay and it works.

Pretty much we have no power to the ignition coil and fuel pump. WHY!

We are not mechanics but have simply been having fun working on the car but it has come down to pure frustration and confusion. Our last hope is the SCOTTY KILMER CHANNEL! Help.

For starters (probably a bad word choice), have you watched Scotty's YouTUBE Video, "How to Fix a Car That Cranks BUT Doesn't Start - DIY with Scotty Kilmer" (Published MAR 30, 2010)? Might be an idea in there that's helpful to you. I love those pre-1992 cars w/ clean, straight angles, before cars started looking like overblown whales. Akin to the 1988-1991 Camry, one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

no power to ignition or fuel pump says either ignition switch is bad, wiring is bad, OR main computer is shot. realize you shouldn't throw good money after bad on an old BMW as they are money pits at that age or sure. Parts are not cheap and are not easy to get on such an old one too. good luck