1985 SS Monte Carlo. I am pretty familiar with the ac system I have but I am stuck. Ac fuse is good. Blower works fine. I get power to low pressure switch on receiver/dryer. I can jump the low pressure switch connector with a paper clip and get the ac clutch to engage so logic (for me) would say that the low pressure switch is bad. I have replaced the low pressure switch multiple times to ensure that I did not get a new one that was bad. It was suggested to me to (bleed) the high pressure hose fitting with small screwdriver to see if junk comes out of the receiver. The system was working fine but now...not working. Napa, autozone, advance all show a high pressure switch is associated with my year make and model but they have no information as to where it is located. There is no wiring going to the compressor other than the spade connector to the ac clutch on the front of the compressor. It has the original compressor (Harrison 434) model # 11313434 that was converted to R134a a few years back.I am unable to determine what else might be causing the ac clutch no to engage. Any help would be really great!

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realize it may be old, but it still has computer modules running that stuff. Me, I'd rewire power with a toggle switch to the computer to get it working again.