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Picked up for 700$ on craigslist... time to see what's up.

My '90 Honda Accord trans went out right in the middle of my work-week, and I needed wheels bad, after turning down a Corolla that was somehow still rolling, things looked bleak. I knew what I wanted, a car, one that ran, and drove in a straight line. Wishful thinking on my part I suppose. I'd waited a day and contacted more than a few people selling on craigslist, hardly any responses except for this guy a few towns away, with a 1985 Toyota Camry that his grandfather owned since it was new, he tuned it up a little bit, gave it some attention and brought it to me.

As soon as it pulled into the driveway I thought (Oh great... this thing looks devilishly stylish, I'll be the hottest thing in town!) Appearances being the least of my worries, I hopped in the drivers seat, welcomed by a very clean interior, no tears in the seats or upholstery. I fired up the engine and it sputtered to life, starting was a little rough but as soon as all 4 were firing, it was good. Very good, has a little exhaust leak, not that I mind being able to hear my engine revs. I threw it in reverse and off I went, I got it up to 90 on the highway.. and it felt SOLID. Even more comfortable than my 5 years younger Honda!

I bought it and ran a VIN-check.. I am the THIRD owner of this car, clean title, no recalls, no blemishes whatsoever on the report. Totally clean. I am insanely impressed that this car hasn't been through more people. It was very well loved.

I want to get a million miles out of this car and its 2SE engine. I've begun with regular maintenance, and will work to rebuilding the engine and replacing / maintaining the front end. The AISIN 5spd is almost a self-sustaining beast in and of itself, but regardless I flushed and filled the trans fluid. Smoother shifts.

The real story here is what happened to quality, and pride in what you own? It's not hard to take care of a car, as this story proves. It's a goal for me to restore this classic, and bring it to it's maximum potential.

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Hi guys what do you think should I get Honda Accord , Honda Civic, Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla I got $4000??? Thanks

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


good luck