1984 Ford Thunderbird 5.0 302 motor, will start on first or second turn of key. but will only idle for 2-3 seconds before dying, it will restart immediately. I can keep the engine running if i feather the gas pedal,
but if i just press and hold the pedal it dies, if i barely press the pedal or mash it into the floor board it dies, feathering the pedal is only way it stays running, it is not drivable.
no check engine light engine sounds good if there is a miss its very small and most likey not what is causing it to not idle.i checked the catalytic converters, didn't appear to be clogged,
i kept them off anyways to make sure the exhaust wasn't restricted.no obvious air restrictions around the throttlebody. when i give it gas sounds like its sucking air and the engine will die.
i suspect the eec or ecm whatever it is called on my model of car to be the culprit also think it could be the ignition control module.i have spark air and plenty of fuel pressure to the injectors. it just wont idle.
i can't do a key on engine running test because it won't idle and on these old ford there is no key on engine off test i am aware of or a place to hook up a code reader. i'm stumped even with everything i've done i'm out of ideas.
also cleaned the throttlebody and points on the distributor.

replaced parts: new spark plugs, spark plug wires,ignition coil, fuel pressure regulator, in-tank fuel pump, high pressure pump on rail, fuel filter, fuel injectors,and starter solinoid.

If this stumps you scotty i'm not sure who can help. thanks in advance and have a good one.

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Use a test light and google the instructions on how to retrieve the codes for your your EEC IV equipped Ford. But if the fuel pressure is good, that is a logical next step, is the TFI module.


alright thanks scotty, wasn't 100% about the ignition control module but i was suspicious about it.



So many things can go bad on an old thing like that, but ignition control modules are historical big breakers on that if you want a good guess