1981 toyota corolla/tercel 1.5l

i have a 1981 toyota tercel that has a radiator cooling fan that won't turn on

stays cool at speed, but can't drive it in the austin, tx traffic!

i have replaced the thermo switch, relay, and jumped the fan motor to make sure it was good and it does turn on. there does not seem to be a fuse for the radiator.

i cannot figure out for the life of me what the problem could be. i did notice that the fan blower does not turn on either but i don't know if that has anything in common except maybe a ground? there's not a lot of information regarding this year of tercel.

any pointers that you could think of?

i'll attach some wiring diagrams that someone said was for a 1981. some of the colors don't match up with my car. reading this is not my strong suit but i've tried to check the obvious things and all of the wiring to the relay box under the engine seems clean. 90% if it was wrapped in conduit and electrical tape since 1981.

Most of the time with electric fan, it only spin when engine get to temperature which trigger fan on. Unlike belt driven which is spinning all the time.

Does your Corolla have an air conditioner? Hope so, you're in Texas. While in park, turn on your AC, have the hood open-- do either of your fans come on after you turn on the air conditioner? Also, have you tested or replaced the thermostat itself? It's supposed to open when the coolant in the engine reaches its pre-set temperature (usually printed right on the thermostat).