1977 c10 chevy struggling to keep running
1977 c10 chevy struggling to keep running


New Fuel Pump, New Fuel Filter, Rebuilt Carburetor, New battery, New Sparkplugs, New Airfilter Sputtering and eventually dead. Unable to crank up again.

Love your show, love your enthusiasm, love your energy Scotty.

I need your help. My jalopy has a 305 engine with an 1406 Edelbrock carburetor on top (I believe 600CFM). After the great flood of 2017 here in Houston, my truck suddenly stopped staying consistently running despite not being in the water at all. I'll get more videos and images as you need em.

Symptoms: Will not maintain idle, even when giving constant gas it will eventually sputter out. Immediately after cleaning, it will run and drive as if it hasn't skipped a beat. Once I let it sit over night to cool down, it won't stay on no matter how long I baby it til it warms up.

I've done everything the internet denizens suggested based on that type of vehicle.

I've siphoned the gas just in case anything got in
Got new Fuel pump/filter
Changed out the battery as the old one was dying
Changed out spark plugs with mfgr suggested gapping
Rebuilt the Carburetor with rough tuning to what sounds like decent RPMs.

After rebuilding everything, I let her sit for about 15 minutes warming up and take her for a spin about 30-40 minutes no problems.

I'm new to this mechanic experience but I'm pretty sure for a basic carbureted vehicle, it just needs a consistent amount of air, fuel, and spark to keep running right? Where do you think I'm off?

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ok, old vehicles often get rusty gas tanks and no filter filters out all the rust. Check that first. Then really, rebuilding an edelbrock is not that easy to do right. When I get old ones like that, I generally throw it away and put on a new edelbrock, I can get em for 200 bucks or so online. But check for rust in the tank first.