1950 Chevy 3100

I have 2 questions about a 1950 Chevy 3100 straight 6 motor with a 1 barrel carb.

First question is i bought a new 1 barrel carb and when i went to install it i accidentally tightened the fuel inline to tight creating a crack about 2 cm long. Is there an alternative in fixing the crack or should i buy a new carb all together?

Second question is when i bought this vehicle it originally had no oil filter on the motor. I'm not sure on the history of vehicles this old but since this will be a show truck anyways should i buy an oil filter kit for it or should i keep it orginal? correct me if I'm wrong, I was told that "back in the day" oil filter used to be an option to install.

Thank you Scotty! I watch your videos all the time and they're always a blessing!

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sometimes you can solder the crack, it you remove it off the truck and empty all the gasoline out. Oil filters were an option then, but if you plan on keeping it, I' put the kit on now.