100 Dollar Sebring Convertible w 129k miles


Hey Scotty my friend's Dad sold me his 97 Sebring for 100 dollars. He is a crazy succesful ER doc and I think he has a bit too much money. He just spent 300k on new cars and just told me if I could drive it away 100 bucks and it's mine. He had it sit for 4 years in the garage because a shady mechanic told him he needed a new engine and he believed it. I started it up and drove it a few days and it works fine. It has bald tires, a tiny misfire every now and then, and some wobble that I think is an engine mount. It starts on its own, has no leaks, no warning lights, pulls strong and gets up to highway speed no problem. I was thinking of fixing it for not too much, and letting my baby brother use it as a cheap car for highschool. Is this car a nightmare? I just need him to drive to school 5 miles away and back, and occasionally a party. I want to fix the issues it has and then let it be. Would it be worth it? I don't think I could get a better car for his needs for less than what I think it'll cost to fix it up. What should I do? I'm leaning towards maybe replacing that mount and getting new tires and brakes, then calling it a day and letting it be his for school.