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Hello there. Björn (means ”Bear”) from Sweden here. Been watching the videos for over a year and love them. I’m a happy Civic owner now much thanks to the videos. However my wife wants to sit higher up, so I’ve been thinking about a HR-V to her (I’m still keeping the manual gear Civic myself of course). There’s only one problem: Here in Sweden the HR-V comes only with the 1.5L 4cyl engine, with turbo (182hp) or without (131hp). I’ve heard all the bad things about the turbo 1.5L engine so I wonder If the non turbo engine suffers the same problem? Or can I buy a non turbo 1.5L HR-V without worry?

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Interesting... here in North america the HR-V comes with a 1.8L non-turbo engine. However, the honda fit does come with a non turbocharged 1.5L engine and it is a very good engine. The thing about turbocharging a small engine is that you are putting so much pressure into such a small amount of space and this will push some of the gasoline past the piston rings. This creates a phenomenon called oil dilution. Your engine oil is being diluted and therefore not lubricating your engine properly. This will make your engine wear out much faster. If you do end up getting the turbocharged 1.5L, I would recommend using the new 0-16 oil that seems to help this problem. Otherwise, I would change the oil more often than the recommended intervals to keep you engine properly lubricated. Honda makes some of the best engines in the world and the little 1.5L is not an exception, but I would stay away from a turbocharged small motor.