07 Saturn Vue turns over but dont start

2007 saturn vue will turn over but not start

My 07 Vue wouldnt start it'd turn over but not start, it was jumped off and as soon as the jumper cables was taken off it shut off. Then once it was cold, it would crank again. A few days I was told it was fixed so I went to work, it started sputtering and then when I got to a stop light it shut off again as I went to take off at a green light. Its only started a few times since, but it turns over now and not crank. The spark plugs were changed, the battery was changed, and I still am not sure what is wrong. I was told it was the fuel pump, but it comes on and last i knew the engine was getting gas. Any ideas on what it could be?

First, find a better mechanic. Fuel pumps can be pressure and volume tested and load tested for too many amp draw showing they are bad. Start there, with a new mechanic