05 trailblazer 4.2L EXT SAGA! New - Plugs New - Coils New - Fuel Injectors New - Fuel Pump New - Fuel Pump pressure Sensor New - Water Pump New - Timing Chain Re-machined - Cylinder head with new values, springs and rocker arms New- Seals, head gaskets, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold gaskets.all seals plus etc. New - Oil pump New - belt New - map sensor

  • Was getting a P2135 and P0651 Due to my low budget and my cancer treatment I went to the junk yard got a used throttle body form 05 trailblazer with 86K that was a rollover wreck for $22.

Now the vehicle runs better but if I press the pedal down to give it gas for a fast acceleration from 20 mph to 50 mph if hesitates 3 - 4 times but will get up to speed. Never took it on the highway yet so 50 mhp is the max speed I tested.

-=-=- Should I change the gas pedal sensor also? The electric fan clutch must be working OK never over heated in 96 Degree F outside temperature driving for 30 minutes.

I know the gas pedal, throttle body, and electric fan clutch and maybe the gas tank pressure sensor all run on the the 5 volt agree and disagree reference.

Also disconnected the tail pipe in front of the catalytic converter still no change just more noise

Currently throwing now error codes at all engine light stays off?

Any suggestion to try next? Or test?

Thank you in advance!

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Before you do anything else, do this. Use the correct spray cleaners for the correct parts!

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