05 Scion XB...Is she Dead??? Hello Scotty and Community, I have a 05 Scion XB with the manual…


05 Scion XB...Is she Dead???

Hello Scotty and Community,

I have a 05 Scion XB with the manual transmission and just over 257,000 miles. A few months or so ago I noticed a drop in performance and some idle surge when driving. Of course, shortly after up popped the warning lights and I took it over to the auto parts store to get the code read. It came back as P0302 - #2 misfire (according to the guy). I bought a new coil pack (I had already changed out the plugs only a few months earlier). When I got home I pulled #2 coil out (with the plug still attached) to check if it would actually spark as I turned the engine over. It did spark....So i looked at my connections and the condition of the harness plug which all seems to be in ok shape. After puzzling a bit I put it all back together and went to take back the coil pack that decided I didn't need.

The XB started right up but as I went to drive away but the car seemed "choked off" or "limited" to about 10 miles per hour... almost as if I have somehow managed to toss the car into a "Limp Mode". If it is just idling I can get the car to "run" almost as if nothing is going wrong (every now and then it will not allow revs above 3k) but all in all it seems ok. However when I try to drive it, the car goes right back to saying NO.

At this point I have it towed to a recommended garage and they look it over. They come back to me with the same P0302 and a P0113 - intake air temp circuit high input.

They smoke tested the intake for leaks - none, they noticed that as the car reaches operating temp #2 starts misfiring, swapped coils - no change, noticed #2 plug starting to foul, did a compression test and came back with these numbers

1-120 PSI 2-65 PSI 3-155 PSI 4-160 PSI

So, its likely the rings are giving, possible head gasket but regardless.....Why can't I continue driving my car?

Even to this day...I can go out to the car, turn the key and she starts right up. Revs seem ok and I think that I'm back to "normal". BUT, she will not let me actually drive. I realize the car needs work but why would it go from being a very reliable daily driver (not perfect) to not able to be driven just because I checked the coil pack?

In an effort to fix this still I have left the car without battery power for a week, hoping to clear any sort of "Limp Mode"...which cleared all the codes (borrowing a friends scanner) but it still wont drive. Perhaps mistakenly, I'm thinking I should be able to go back to use as before I checked the coil pack....What do you guys think??

Thanks in advance!

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Scotty and Friends,

Sorry...I probably wasn't specific enough. Before checking the coil pack the car ran well but not perfect, after checking the pack it wont let me drive it at all. The XB will "run" (sitting still) but when you give it gas and start to let the clutch out, the car is "limiting itself" to maybe 10mph total before it cuts the revs.

I sadly realize the rebuild is unavoidable, however I don't understand how to reverse or erase the "limp mode" the car is in now. If Scion does have a limp mode how do i get it out...if it doesn't, what did I do that would have caused such a huge change in performance in the 10minutes it took to check that coil pack?

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


you can drive it, but engine is pretty well shot inside that cylinder and would need rebuilding.