05' Civic EX not work when crank

Car not work when cranking after changing battery. 05' Honda Civic coupe EX.

Hi, I just got a new car so I'm preparing up my old one - a 2005 Honda Civic EX coupe - before selling online. Was leaving it few days when it's cold outside then the car didn't work when I cranked. I thought the battery was low plus the bad weather so I jumped it, it worked back good for awhile so I drove and parked it behind my workshop to ready put on sell. Then it stopped working again. I changed the battery, all electric systems worked again really good but still I couldn't crank the car on. I tried the starting fluid like on the video you suggest but still not working. What else can I do for this situation? Please let me know if you need any pictures or video for faster diagnosing. Thanks!