Driven through water and months later has misfiring sounds and engine light is on with other electrical signs.

Hello Scotty,

Last year in March my mother drove my 02 buick park ave ultra over a puddle of water. Soon after that the car turned off and she had to have it towed since it wouldn't start. The next day she started it up and it worked like normal but months later it only runs for seconds after starting with sounds of miss firing and signs of electrical issues and shuts down. Doors lock automatically, radio didn't turn on, engine light on. When I came back for visit I towed it to an electrical shop for a diagnosis. They would charge about 1200 for computer change alone but mechanic said there might be extra issues to fix so price could increase. The guy recommended letting the car sit in the sun for a bit, sometimes that fixes it. After watching your videos I took my car back and bought a scan tool (Innova 3160e) from the pawn shop and the Buick came up with 8 codes (see below). With the remaining time I had in my visit, my plan was to look into it and see if its a easy fix before I spend a lot of money on a computer change. However I ran out of time and went back to my base in South Dakota. Now the car has been sitting for a while so I have to consider what to before starting it too, maybe changing the oil or something. I want to keep this car and am wiling to pay up for that computer change, better paying 1200 than for a new car (I paid 4800 for this car at a car dealership in South Dakota with 80k miles). I would like your opinion on fixing this particular car to keep it for as long as it last. 

So what can you tell me sir? How do I fix it, what should I do, and is it worth keeping it. God bless

P0420- Catalyst system low effiency 

P0131- Heated oxygen sensor, Circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 1 

U1301- Class 2 data link high voltage 

U1064- Lost communication with body control module 

U1040- Lost communication with electgronic brake control module 

P1626- Theft deterrent fuel enable signal not received 

P0463- Fuel levefr sensor circuit high voltage

P0452- Fuel tank pressure sensor circuit low voltage

P0230- Fuel pump relay control circuit 

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not really worth putting much money into. But it has electrical and probably computer module problems now and they can cost a fortune to fix. If a guy will fix it for 1200 and guarantee so, go ahead. Just don't pay him if it doesn't work