'02 TL-S EVAP System Issues, Possible fuel leak?


My friend has an '02 Acura TL-S, and has a check engine light for the code P1457. From my research it's for the EVAP System.

I fixed a misfire on his car about two months ago then reset the CEL (the EVAP code had mysteriously gone away when the misfire showed up). After I reset it, the CEL stayed off so I thought maybe the computer didn't see a problem anymore. I was wrong. The EVAP code came back again a few days ago.

Backtracking about three weeks ago I was working on his exhaust and noticed a smell of gasoline, so I looked, and saw that the gas tank had some gasoline on it. it wasn't wet but it was as if there had been gasoline on there that was only partially dry. The car had about 1/4 of a tank of gas in it so not much. However, the smell of gasoline has been there since the first time the EVAP code ever came on.

I thought it could be a bad EVAP valve or a bad gas cap, but after I saw and smelt the gasoline on the gas tank (I wiped the "wet" part with my clean finger and it smelt like gas), I don't know what to think anymore.

Also, every time he gets gas it smells like gas really badly, and even if he doesn't just get gas it smells when he parks the car for the first 30 minutes or so of the car being parked, then it goes away slowly. I'm super confused at this point...

Any advice?


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Alright will do. I hope it's the fuel pump gasket or something not THAT difficult. Thank you Scotty!



It's leaking, try some UV leak dye for fuel in the tank and see where the green comes out