WTF! - Yamaha's Version of a Trike


We don't normally see WTF! bikes or projects we'd like to ride, and technically this doesn't fit our typical WTF! post. But this new bike from Yamaha, called the Niken, is so unique that we felt it deserved more than a post in our News section .

Yamaha revealed the three-wheeler at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, and while it might bring to mind the Piaggio MP3 , that's like comparing a VW Beetle to a Corvette.

With few real specs revealed in Tokyo (those won't come to light until November 6 at the EICMA show in Milan), one can only guess at some of what the Niken has to offer. Since its powertrain is based on the Yamaha MT-09's three-cylinder, liquid-cooled version, the Niken is bound to serve up some significant horsepower. Other definitives include a fully adjustable suspension, and traction control and different rider modes.

So this might be one WTF! bike that will make you wonder when you can try it.