WTF! - A Motoped for Zombie Apocalypse

Motopeds have been around awhile, but we're particularly intrigued by this one that comes fully armed!

So whether you believe in zombies or not, the idea of having a lightweight bike with an engine that can go faster than a person can run, and be tricked out with a crossbow, knife, shovel and other outdoor gear is still appealing. This is a motoped and the one in the video is the Black Ops version of the Survival model made by Motoped out of Kansas City, Missouri.

That model comes with either a 49cc or 125 cc engine, both made by Honda. Suspension is a 3-way adjustable upfront and 2-way out bike with an optional version that provides up to 8" of clearance to get you over rocks, fallen trees,...or dead zombie bodies. And at 130+ pounds, it's still light enough to wheel it around if the engine dies. But with the front and side tanks, Motoped puts the total range at somewhere around 300 miles.

A list of options will let you add lights and a kick starter to the larger engine. At a base price of around $3200 for the smaller engine and $3800 for the model with the larger engine, a small dirt bike might be a better bargain, but it won't be as stealthy...or take you as far.

This is another #WTF bike we wouldn't mind owning.