WTF! - A Motoped for Zombie Apocalypse

Motoped Survival Black Ops in action
Motoped Survival Black Ops in action

Motoped Survival Bike -


So whether you believe in zombies or not, the idea of having a lightweight bike with an engine that can go faster than a person can run, and be tricked out with a crossbow, knife, shovel and other outdoor gear is still appealing. This is a motoped and the one in the video is the Black Ops version of the Survival model made by Motoped out of Kansas City, Missouri.

That model comes with either a 49cc or 125 cc engine, both made by Honda. Suspension is a 3-way adjustable upfront and 2-way out bike with an optional version that provides up to 8" of clearance to get you over rocks, fallen trees,...or dead zombie bodies. And at 130+ pounds, it's still light enough to wheel it around if the engine dies. But with the front and side tanks, Motoped puts the total range at somewhere around 300 miles.

A list of options will let you add lights and a kick starter to the larger engine. At a base price of around $3200 for the smaller engine and $3800 for the model with the larger engine, a small dirt bike might be a better bargain, but it won't be as stealthy...or take you as far.

This is another #WTF bike we wouldn't mind owning.