It's been awhile since we posted these. Not because there aren't any WTF! bikes to be found, but because we've been trying to get our act together to reboot this thing. We're back!

To make up for lost time, we thought we'd throw in a few variations on a theme. How about that top one - got swing arm! Not sure what that much stretch gets you - bitch to corner - but on a straight line, you're probably good to go.

And here's another example:

This 500cc thumper is all handmade. But that single downtube in the front doesn't look like it's enough to take much of a beating. This is like board track meets...well, whatever. Fill in the blank!

Then there's this "stretch scooter" from Japan. Somebody in Osaka had way too much time on their hands or too much Saki. Again, not much for cornering, but this is definitely an attention getter!

All of these are proof that with enough time, skill and will, you too can make a WTF! bike.

If you see a crazy contraption on two or three wheels, post the here!