Tips for Riding in a Group


How many of us have been on or even led group rides only to see them deteriorate into something resembling a Shriner's Parade directed by a five-year old? And don't get me started on demo rides with people who probably should find a way to ride on their own -- too fast, too slow, too inexperienced...and often taking on too much bike.

Then there's the opposite when you ride in a group and it's like a freakin' synchronized swim team. Everyone at the same speed, moving into corners as one, and exiting like a snake on steroids. It's a beautiful thing.

The Motorcycle Legal Foundation has put together some guidelines for the best and safest way to ride in a group and achieve at least some of that synchronicity. It won't get rid of the demo ride problems, but it will help make sure group rides stay in one piece...before, during and after the ride.

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