Never Runnin' On Empty

Motorcycles, we believe, have curative power. No matter what has happened to you, two wheels and an open road tend to change how you view life, and almost always for the better. Look at the characters in this TV commercial and you will end up going to a dealership to buy a bike.

It's just a commercial. And for a bank, no less. But it is, in many ways, the story of all of us. Life always ends up being about loss. And figuring out how to deal with it. These elderly Asian gents decided that the best way to honor those they loved and lost, and the things they were about to soon lose, was to live their lives without fear or regret. What's their solution?

Let's ride motorcycles!!

Hell, that's my solution to everything, too. Let's ride. There's no problem so big or so bad it can't be ridden away from. Or solved with a roll down the pavement.

Ramblin' Kinda Guy

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This is always fun and inspiring to watch. Good post...and reminder.