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2017 08 31 08 31 02

Adriatic coast in Albania.


So up until 25 to 30 years ago, most Albanians couldn't own or drive a car. Then someone basically handed them the keys but with no direction or training. It still shows!

There are few stop signs in the towns and stop lights. Other than in large cities like Tirana (the capital), they are non-existent - except as a traffic control on narrow one lane roads in villages. This makes sure large trucks that can take up an entire road won't hit you head on!

The inland route we took from Lake Ohrid to Gjirokaster, Albania was mostly rough, potholed with only periodic areas of fresh tarmac. After an overnight stay in Gjirokaster, we had a short ride to Saranda - a seaside resort city in Albania. From there, we rode to Tirana. The accompanying video covers some of that route.

Pictures below are from the days leading up to riding that route. The last one in the several below is from a high point along the way.

On the road to Gjirokaster.

View of Gjirokaster from the old Gjirokaster castle above the town.

Ruins at Butrint, Albania near Saranda.

Port of Saranda, Albania.

Early morning in Saranda, Albania.

High above the Adriatic Sea on the way from Saranda to Tirana, Albania.


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