Build your own Indian Scout flat tracker


The interest in Indian flat track bikes took off as the company took the podium in one win after another in last season's American Flat Track series. Then Indian Motorcycles announced that you could buy a race ready FTR 750, but you had to $50,000 to do so. That put that option out of reach for the vast majority of people interested in having their own Indian flat tracker.

But Indian recently issued some news/insights meant to change that POV.

Turns out that a stock used or new Indian Scout, Scout Sixty or Scout Bobber is already a fine platform for a flat tracker.

Andreas Gesinger, head of Parts and Accessories for Indian in Europe points out that "'re really only going to take off key components and replace them. So things like adding mid-position foot controls, a different seat and new wheels. Most people tend to go with 19 inch wheels and 12 inch shocks." That change is going to run you around $1700.

A converted Scout hits the dirt.

There are also conversion kits designed and sold by custom builders like Roland Sands. For around $1,600, and with no welding, cutting or painting, you can can convert your bike to a tracker.

Considering a new Scout Sixty starts at around $9,000 (excluding all of the title and dealer fees), you could have a brand new flat track style bike for about $13,000. A far cry from what the FTR 750 will call you.

Is there an alternative? Sure. Wait and see if Indian actually sells the FTR 1200 Custom it revealed at EICMA. But patience in this case may not be a virtue.

The FTR 1200 Custom.

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Zara Wedgwood
Zara Wedgwood

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