A Quick Look at Ian Barry's Black Falcon

Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles
Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles

The Black Falcon is the third motorcycle in the Concept 10 series from LA-based Falcon Motorcycles. Built off the 1,000 cc V-twin engine of a 1952 Vincent Bl...


Since Fred Jourden at Blitz Motorcycles named Ian Barry as one of their inspirations, we thought it only appropriate to go out and find a bit about one of Barry's more famous builds - the Black Falcon.

The Black Falcon started out as a 1952 Vincent Black Shadow engine previously modified for dry lake racing at El Mirage, CA. Barry completely modified the engine, then set about making the bike easily adjustable, sans tools. That adjustability includes two dual purpose one-off gas tanks, Vincent Girdaulic forks, a 3-position seat, 6-position handlebars, hand levers and foot controls, the tensionner, and even the mudguards.

Here's what the final build looks like. The video tells more of the story.

The Black Falcon with one of its two tanks.

The Black Falcon without a gas tank.


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