A view to the pre-clipse in South Central Nebraska near Hebron. Chances appear good for a clear view at 1p CDT.

Waiting for the total eclipse along Nebraska Highway 81 posted up with fellow travellers.

In the path of totality. or ad a friend has suggested, the path of like totally.

well the eclipse was not totally total due to overcast skies, but once to thrice the toenail crescent punched through the clouds and awed me as it had others eons earlier. in short, it had a mystery to it, a doorway to the mysteries of infinite space. of course, riding 500+ miles a day in 97 degree (average) temp creates many mysteries, most of which include an elusive sanity. the ride also begged the question: what are the technological advances in cooling clothing or cooling devices for motorcyclists? i'll be researching that question and providing the answers subsequently.