100 Best Routes in Europe


We know not everyone can head overseas to ride. Some of the best rides could be in your own state and certainly in your own country. But for those of you who can find the time and funds to head out for a longer trip, here are 100 of the best routes to ride in Europe.
Yeah, we know, the weather can be different, they may not speak English, and the speed limits are in metric, but all of those should make riding any of these all the more interesting...not intimidating.
And that list of 100 will take you through countries as diverse as Germany, Norway, Greece and Switzerland! We couldn't get past the first one (pictured) because we just liked the name -- Transfagarasan Highway -- and it goes through Transylvania. With 100 to choose from, there are no shortage of choices.
Ride 'em and weep!


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