Zero 2018 Models Have Faster Charging, Longer Range

Zero Motorcycles 2018 Launch Video
Zero Motorcycles 2018 Launch Video

Imagine the wind on your face without the engine in your ears. Quietly gliding into the horizon, breathing in the world around you. This is riding in its pur...


Motorcycle industry vets are doing a lot of hand wringing today because US numbers are down while the average age of buyers is going up. Many are saying the key to attracting new and younger riders could be electric bikes. Well, the new lineup from Zero Motorcycles may be just what the industry ordered to help drive that belief...and future growth.

Zero's new lineup ticks off a lot of boxes that have kept people from buying electric bikes in the past. They've improved the range -- certain models with the company's largest ZF14.4 battery can go up to 223 miles of city driving. Charge times have also been reduced to about an hour with an optional Charge Tank. And the Zero bikes are faster with a claimed top speed of over 100 mph.

Will this be enough to draw out more people who've thought about riding but have sat on the fence for economic or environmental reasons? Time will tell, but if the changes in range, charging and performance aren't enough, take a look at what the lineup looks like in the pictures below. If you like what you see, Zero said the new 2018s will be in showrooms later this month.

2018 Zero SR

2018 Zero DS

2018 Zero S