What a Two-Wheeled Koenigsegg Might Look Like

Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept
Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept

Koenigsegg is known for their hypercars, but it wouldn't surprise auto enthusiasts if they unveiled a motorcycle, like the "Bike 1090," which was designed by...


What the hell's a Koenigsegg? Well, it's a high-end custom super car company based in Sweden that creates rolling, fast-as-hell works of art. That reputation seems to have inspired designer Maxim Burov to create this two-wheeled concept that looks like it would have no problem keeping up with it's four-wheeled cousins.

While no specs are available, we can gather by the low streetfighter-like stance, racing-style tires, and performance exhaust that this bike is built to do at least one thing really well: go like a bat out of Hades.

Check out these pictures of this particular concept.