This is as beautiful as it is uninformed. Men's Journal magazine recently listed Mackinac Island as one of the best 25 motorcycle vacation spots in the United States.

Not sure how they got their data, though. You can't ride a motorcycle on the island up at the tip of the Michigan mitten. In fact, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island, a notion that is considered sacrosanct by Michiganders.

The magazine, however, gave riders route guidance and told them to take Michigan M-119 to Harbor Springs and loop back to Mackinac Island along Lake Huron. Hell, there isn't even a bridge out to the iconic resort island, even if there were roads once you got there.


(The only cycling you can do on Mackinac Island).

Men’s Journal, we are told, is aware of their screw up and has taken Mackinac Island from their top 25 list. But that won't stop them from being considered dumb and uninformed.

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WTF? Maybe the Men's Journal staff needs to lay-off the Viagra and try some gingko biloba instead. Or some junior writer thought cycling was uniform across anything with two wheels.