REV’IT! Takes Hoody to New Level

REV'IT! Stealth Hoody Review at
REV'IT! Stealth Hoody Review at

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Motorcycle hoodies that claim to offer protection and other necessary features often don't live up to the claims. The REV’IT! Stealth Hoody appears to lay waste to that notion.

The outer shell is comprised of poly/cotton stretch denim adhered to a waterproof membrane which means most of the water will bead away rather than soak in. The elbows have two layers of protection to increase abrasion resistance at those critical points, and extremely thin CE-rated protection in the shoulders allows the hoody to form to the body and look like a hoody rather than a bulky equivalent of a motorcycle jacket.

There's also a slot for back protector (sold separately) and a standard equipped short connection zipper lets you connect the hoody with any REV’IT pants or REV’IT jeans when using a Safeway belt (sold separately). And since the main feature that gives a hoody its name can often bunch up or fly around in the back once you're in motion, the Stealth features an anchoring snap to keep that hood in place.

The REV’IT Stealth Hoody goes for just under $340.