Note to Fantic Motorcycles - Please come to the US!


We like to pride ourselves on our deep historical knowledge of motorcycles. Then we get slapped in the face by the reality that just when you think you know everything, you probably don't. Take the recent Fantic announcement related to new bikes that were introduced at the recent EICMA show in Italy. It's a brand we've never heard of, although they've been around since 1968 and were evidently quite popular in the 70s.

Based in Italy, the company started out with a signature model called the Caballero . It's hung in there ever since.

Today the company makes two-stroke 50cc Enduro and Motard models, and four-stroke 125cc and 250cc versions. But the big news was that it had introduced two new, larger Caballero's. A Flat Track and Scrambler, both powered by a 500 cc engine.

Specs and details were difficult to find, but we're pretty hopped up on the looks of both models -- and accompanying videos help fuel our interest. Watch this one all the way through to see both models in action.

We checked on the Caballero site and while it does indicate that there are dealers in the US, a look through most of them indicated otherwise. More than likely, you have to special order them.

However, if you want a taste of Fantic, they do make an e-bike - city and trail - that you can buy in the US. You can find information about them here .

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I am not very deep into cycling and I ride a bike only for an hour in the morning. Nevertheless, even this short training requires a good bicycle. I should admit that they only seem cheap whereas it is very difficult to find a good bike under 500. I had to check this out to read the reviews and find a good one.


What a bicycle! I want it so bad! Even though I live in a city where you don't need a mountain bike