New More Powerful Honda CRF250R


Big Red decided to just about throw the baby out with the bath water with its latest version of the popular CRF250R. Professional MX racers and amateur riders will both find something to love about a bike that now shares a lot of similarities with its bigger brother, the CRF450R.

The biggest change is a new DOHC engine, the addition of an electric starter and switchable engine mapping. The result is a bike that Honda claims can beat its former self by as much as a full bike length in a 0-30 meter (0-100 feet) start. Do the math and that's a lot of kickass over just about any course.

Honda also changed up the geometry of this new model. The wheelbase is 3mm shorter at 1486mm and the distance between the swingarm pivot point and rear axle is 15mm shorter at 573mm. Rake is set at 27.5° with trail of 116mm. Center of Gravity is 1.4mm lower. That's going to translate into more control, confidence and winning rides!

The company isn't releasing pricing or available just yet, but chances are it won't be long.