New Ducati 821 Monster

2018 New Ducati Monster 821/Fresh design
2018 New Ducati Monster 821/Fresh design

For the model year 2018 the Ducati Monster 821 is reworked - apart from fresh design there are also some technical innovations for the mid-class monsters. In...


I remember the first time I rode a Ducati Monster. It was a 695 back in 2009. Being a cruiser guy, it took a bit to get used to the short rake. But opening up the throttle made me forgot all of that because the smile on my face peeled back all the anxiety. I can only imagine what this new version of the iconic Monster would do for me now.

The great thing about Ducati is that while they sometimes release new models with only slight cosmetic changes, they still push the envelope when they need to. The 821 appear s to be no exception and a worthy replacement for the 797.

Offering three different Riding and Driver modes and the Ducati Safety pack with three ABS levels and an 8-level DTC, the 821 brings track-like electronics to a street beating Monster. Add in Ducati Quick Shift (up and down) as standard equipment, and you've got an Italian electronic stallion ready and willing to do your bidding.

The signature Ducati Trellis now attaches to the cylinder heads creating a more compact, and lighter frame. Combine that with the use of large cross-section tubing for greater rigidity and you've got a bike with increased dynamic performance.

Other new features include a redesigned gas tank, exhaust, tail, and headlight. And for those who are watching their dollars, valve maintenance is now every 18,000 miles.

Ducati will provide more details, including pricing, on November 5 at the Ducati World Premier where the 821 will join other new models being revealed.