Kirsh Helmets Say Goodbye to Foam Liners


Having seen firsthand the after effects of riders who either didn't wear a helmet or who wore crappy ones, we still don't understand why you wouldn't wear one. Yeah, we get the whole 'wind-in-the-hair' thing but try that look with your nose torn from your face. But we digress. So suffice it to say, we're big proponents of protecting your noggin.

Turns out, so is Impact Technologies, a company that has introduced the Kirsh Helmet .

What makes their helmet so special? It's all about fluid.

For decades, helmets of all uses have used some form of foam liner for protection. The problem with that material is it's pretty damn stiff. So when you hit your head, there's very little give. The folks behind the Kirsh Helmet decided to try a different approach. They invented a liner that is more fluid so it encases and protects your skull the way your skull protects your brain?

Kirsh Helmets employ what the company refers to as a fluid-displacement-liner made of silicone and fluid. This allows for less mass, a lower profile, and snugger fit.

The company is taking pre-orders now with their basic half helmet brain bucket going for $245. They do reference the ability of their FDL technology to be used in full-face helmets and helmets for other sports, but they don't indicate when those might be available.