Kawasaki Reveals 2018 Ninja ZX-10RR


The 2017 Ninja ZX10RR was so good out of the box that it was quickly adopted by race teams and track day enthusiasts couldn't get enough of it. Consequently, the green machine company hasn't changed much for the 2018 model The reservoir canisters behind the lower part of the front fork legs has gone from red to silver. The fork top cap is now green where it was previously red.

That is literally it. When some OEMs feel obliged to go far for the next model year, just to justify a price increase and some claim at continuous innovation, it's kind of refreshing to see Kawasaki acknowledge that the 2017 model needed little in the way of improvement. Now that might change if the 2018 race season sees them rack up fewer wins, but for now current owners and new will have a machine they can say is still leading edge.

No idea if Kawasaki will price the new model over the current $18,899 for the 2017 version.

Here are some more pics. Enjoy!