Indian Has Ways to Spiff Up Your Bobber

Scout® Bobber Walk Around - Indian Motorcycle
Scout® Bobber Walk Around - Indian Motorcycle

Walk around of the all-new Scout® Bobber. Find out more about this bike: Indian Motorcycle i...


It's odd that some motorcycle manufacturers will release a bike first and then take a month or more before introducing accessories and parts that allow for some personalization. Why not do it all at once?!

When Indian Motorcycle introduced the Scout Bobber earlier this summer, it seemed an ideal opportunity for the company to counter that strategy. Alas, those who wanted to do some mods of their own had to wait...until now.

Indian just announced a set of accessories that will provide some needed storage capacity, make the bike look even more custom, and add the necessary grunt in the exhaust department.

Storage options now include saddlebags with enough room for an overnight trip, a solo rack to strap on a larger bag for longer rides, or choose from the Indian made solo rack bag. An available tank pouch lets you store smaller items or smartphone.

Indian also added a 1920s style solo seat or a seat with a backrest for passengers. Of course, with passengers you'll need footpegs. They're also available.

Top off your ride with a set of 16" ape hangers and laced front and rear wheels to replace the stock cast aluminum wheels.

Here are some pictures for inspiration.

Solo luggage rack and side bags.

Passenger seat with backrest is color matched to stock seat.

Tank pouch for small items like a smartphone.

Solo tail bag straps onto rear rack with a clean look.

1920 style rear seat for a more authentic 'bobber' look.

Add some 'apes' for a more aggressive fist-in-the-air look.

Go truly retro with some laces.