Gasoline Motor Co Puts the Scramble in this Harley


Gasoline Motor Company of New South Wales, Australia creates a brawny, purpose-built scrambler based on a Harley Davidson 1200 cc Sportster.


Here's how they describe what they did to make this bike (dubbed the A-15) one we'd all like to throw a leg over:

"Stripping it of any unnecessary bulk, raising the clearance, camouflaging the tank and making sure that every last inch of the build suited its intended purpose was all part of the plan, ending up with something that is barely recognisable as a street cruiser and more akin to an insanely powerful dirt bike. The brat style seat and matching grips were created from a weathered brown leather cut straight from a high quality hide, making sure the ride is as comfortable as possible when racing over dirt roads to the next adventure. The tank and side panels are a major highlight and were hand painted in a unique camouflage pattern to match the outdoors theme and adorned with a hand cut stencil sprayed on by the Gasoline team..."

Check out the video to see the A-15 in action.